the assassins blade

Celaena Sarthodien owes her reputation to Arobynn Hamel.  He gave her a home at the Assassin’s Guild and taught her the skills she needed to survive. Arobynn Hamel’s enemies stretch far and wide – from Adarlan’s rooftops and its filthy dens, to remote islands and hostile deserts. Celaena is duty-bound to hunt them down. But behind her assignments lies a dark truth that will seal her fate – and cut her heart in two forever…



This novella contains five chapters all related to Celaena Sarthodien’s life . i was recommended to read this before Throne of Glass and im glad i did , the chapters in this novel were first in the end of each book of Throne of Glass as a short bonus chapter but i guess later on all the chapters were put together to form this novella.

Assassin’s Blade basically shows you the whole life of Celaena with all the history , heartbreaks , love life etc. after reading this when i read Throne of Glass it was very easy for me to understand things , even the surroundings. Usually it would take a reader sometime to adjust in a world , like every book has a different world .

I loved her lavish life , with jewels and clothes and how Arobynn pampers Celaena , and yes . most of all you get to meet Lysandra.

i would say that Assassin’s Blade is a companion novella to the series.

honestly , it was pretty intense , i loved it no doubt Celaena is a badass , a very honest one , i loved the idea of how her sarcasm even scares her opponent , the pirate lord didn’t seem as excited as he was to know her after getting to know that she was just a teenager , more like a teenager who fights and moves like lightning .

At first i was like , Oh! she sounds so cruel, but after you finish the chapters , you’ll get to see that Celaena is the good kind of cruel, Arobynn seemed like such a good person , he literally acted as her father , the rivalry between Sam Cortland and Celaena Sarthodien is the best humor lol.

In the end when Arobynn nearly killed both of them for saving the slaves from the pirate lord …. i was like … no… one of em is gonna die , i felt like i couldn’t breathe .

So after all the shit went down between Sam , Celaena and Arobynn. The next chapter shows that she was sent on her way to The Red Desert . There was a hotel named by White Pig Inn where she was suppose to spend  some days before catching a ride for The Red Desert ,  we met a new character , Yrene Towers who is a healer , but she hides it from other people , Yrene works at the hotel Celaena is staying at , by the end Yrene learns some new protective defense moves and Celaena being sweet , helps Yrene Towers with some gold coins to get into an institute of healers where she could learn how to work as a healer .

She then takes her trip to the Red Desert  to train with the mute assassins , no doubt she learns a hell of a stuff from the mute assassin , even while worrying about sam cortland , i still remember the moment he hugged her and i was in awe . well so she gets in trouble at the mute assassins guild and also she gets deeply hurt when one of her not so nice friend betrays her , she ends up in a game of life and death , but still turns the tables and walks out like a queen , and yes, i love the spider silk lol.

in the end of the novella , Arobynn Hamel turns out to be a prick and drags Celaena into a tragedy , a very bad one , where Sam confesses his love and Celaena is happy for once , everything goes down the drain when Sam is murdered on the orders of Arobynn, brutally , Celaena goes for revenge , but ends up at the King of Adarlans castle as a murderer and slave . horribly she ends up in Endovier , the salt mines …. where people do not survive , and if they do…. it’d be a miracle.

i honestly loved the book, and ofcourse how could i not . it is written by SARAH J. MAAS , like IT HAS TO BE GOOD . the books just keep getting better .



ill be posting a blog soon about the THRONE OF GLASS BY SJM.







shadowhunters netflix

The shadow world is also known as shadowhunters . these are fantasy series by Cassandra Clare , basically 3 different series with the same world , TID,TMI,TDA. as much as i know people read the series in a sequence , but unfortunately i started reading from lady midnight . i kind of got confused and lost at first because these are like some really high fantasy novels , lol i never knew that they are stages of reading fantasy .

Well, i started lady midnight didnt know what is the institute , or runes or a stele . but as i kept reading the picture got more crystal clear .

The world created is so intriguing that at some point you just wait to find a port and just jump in. ITS JUST SO GOOD. as i was hell confused by the time i reached the middle of the book, a friend told me the series have a netflix show , i watched the 2 seasons and caught up with the series pretty fast .

the time i finished lady midnight i was truly in tears and my heart was shattered , i love julians siblings and especially mark …. im glad he got out safe and sound and is back in the institute , meanwhile after i finished lady midnight i didnt have the patience to wait for lord of shadows so i started reading THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS , i tried finding THE INFERNAL DEVICES SERIES but none of the bookstores in my country had it and as per them they didnt ship books from abroad which was shocking .

i started reading City of Ashes because the first book was short in the market and i had already watched the movie , the netflix  series were kind of mixed up but the movie was the exact same as the book, after finishing City of Ashes i jumped into City of Glass and i was halfway through the book, i just felt as if i need a break from it , so i took a break , a very wrong one unfortunately .

i just felt as if the series would just keep going on without an end, the story was the same like , first valentine and then sebastian, same story just revolving around , maybe it was because i actually did need a break from the shadowhunters and now when ill read it ill feel more fine reading it .

i stopped reading the series . i still kept watching the show tho . in the middle of all this the release of LORD OF SHADOWS took place , and i was hella excited for it , but once again i  read half of it and left it .

the books ive read so far are fabulous . and i feel the guilt .

the demons , the characters, the downworlders .

legit everything . and i love MAGNUS BANE ….. oh lord.

i would recommend the series to all the fantasy readers out there and i will this summer start reading the infernal devices and take a go from there , i honestly miss my shadowhunter fam.








i have met people who have been reading since years, 90% of the readers i know have always had a connection with books , most of them started reading at a very young age. i therefore started reading almost a year back, i would read school assigned novels which used to be , matilda , charlie and the chocolate factory, the journey to the center of the earth and many children books .

so when i was in grade 6 i read matilda by roald dahl and it was just for school, after 4 years from grade 6 to 10 i didnt as such read a novel, i used to read wattpad stories sometimes but nothing that intriguing , at the end of 10th grade after exams i was one saturday night just randomly watching a movie , it was vampire academy . i loved the movie and just a girl discovering something new and getting curious i had my phone lockscreen and wallpapers of dimitri and rose lol. after a week i searched for the second part of the movie , which ofcourse wasnt there but i found out that they are books , and the movie was just the first book . i still remember that day , how i screamed in joy and literally dragged my sister to the mall continuously apologizing for the excitement , i got the second book , frostbite by richelle mead . i read it in two days and i had to rush again to get the rest of the series which i finished in a week surprisingly . i started watching booktubers and my life went on i read non fiction novels on the way, i would sit in the school library and look at some of my friends making weird cringy faces at me and making comments like , close that book or come and talk to us ,no one reads etc,i still just kept ignoring them indeed i lost alot of friends, i started my bookstagram and met new people and now i have more friends then ever , we exchange thoughts about books gives suggestions and it is just amazing .

i noticed that books have the power to change how you think, how you live , i had hard times and the beauties and the stories and the worlds were always there with me, honestly they gave me a hella bright hope to deal with life .

i went with my mum to the bookstore for just a random look around for anything interesting . i never knew there was a genre of books known as fantasy even tho i read the vampire academy which technically is fantasy . so as i was about to leave, a huge book caught my eye and my first thought was . oh that must be a history novella.


i wont lie , it took me a week to fit in with the words and the world and everything, it was confusing at first but i swear it was sooooo worth it . currently all i read is fantasy novels at times ill read books with historical fiction or life lesson books, but honestly fantasy novels are totally different they are so beautiful they drive your imagination and you daydream alot lol, the fandom never ends , it just adds color and spark to your life .

Also a big thank you to my mum , she is the one who still brings me books and I can’t praise her enough, it’s good to have a mum who reads and understands the love for books .

the next blog would be up very soon about the shadow world along with the lady midnight and TMI world experience .

i truly apologize for not writing for so long , but im back now to rant lol.

stay tuned and booked readers , ill be back soon.

love ,






i love retellings, and if you are a reader who loves retellings , this book is highly recommended . they are three different retellings , and each one of them has been written in such a way that once you start reading you wont put the book down .

hopefully this would not be counted as a spoiler, the first book in the series A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES is the retelling of the magnificent BEAUTY AND THE BEAST , the second book in the series A COURT OF MIST AND FURY is the retelling of HADES AND PERSEPHONE from the Greek Mythology , the third book in the series is based on HELEN OF TROY or it could be SNOW WHITE , i still have no confirmation over the third novella that it is based on which retelling , but the story is so similar to HELEN OF TROY .

lets get started with the book reviews now , the main reason of this blog . lol .

Also, this was the first SJM book series i read .

Indeed , I instantly fell in love with her world .


i loved the way the courts were described and the highlords , every detail was so intriguing , the fae and especially the creatures , the bogge , suriel , attor , also the way the surroundings are described , and above all , the characters .

This book was kind of slow for me , there was a slight touch of adventure in the starting , the way tamlin was shown all caring and possessive and lovey dovey , i basically did fall in love , in the first book tamlin was basically my hero , as the book was making a turn to end , everything became a blur , the tasks feyre was given to save tamlin, rhysand being the bad guy , and VOILA ! THE BAD GUY MADE A BARGAIN WITH FEYRE , first thoughts after the wrath of Amarantha dusted away was like …. aye ! they will have a happy ever after . until you turn the page and read the next chapter where feyre is on the verge of losing her life and tamlin is literally on his knees weeping …… like …wha? , i was stunned and then an unexpected thing took place . RHYSAND , yes the bad guy gathered all the highlords from each court to revive feyre while tamlin was weeping .

By the end of the book , i was still kind of shipping feyre and tamlin , but eventually rhysand was on my mind as for the bargain and the tattoo , both did mean something . the end is not a happy ending , with the string of the bargain between feyre and rhysand , i assumed that tamlin is going down . Also the moment i finished the book , it took me seconds to run to my shelf and pick up the other book, the first book left me kind of hanging lol.




Am i allowed to scream on a blog post ? i guess so .


where can i start ranting about this beauty ? right here ? lets do it .

The moment i started reading this i just rushed through the first chapter . it was all good until i read a couple more chapters and came to know that tamlin was getting married to feyre . and i was like they cant have a happy ending in the starting of the book , so i kept reading . i reached the chapter where they were all blooming flowers and love in the air kind of atmosphere . for some reason i did not feel satisfied , it was also because feyre was scared to even walk down the aisle on her own, and she just kept looking at the tattoo , the bargain tattoo rhysand got her . and i felt sorry for her . until. rhysand stepped out of black mist in all his dark glory and crashed the wedding. i was in a major awe mode , and tamlins reaction was priceless .

i have a lot of favorite chapters in this book, it was based over the night court and velaris , i got to meet the badass inner circle , the story each character carried in the past , the heart wrenching love , rhysand came out to be the badass hero , feyre became an example of women empowerment , this book actually changed the perspective of the first book for me, the suriel became my bae , i started hating tamlin, lucien was a kind of a bad guy to me but i still had the sincere friend vibes for him , and how amazingly a can of soup changed everything . lol. chapter 55 is my favorite . by the time i was in the middle of the book i realised that  , rhysand is feyre’s mate , and yess i dont cry while reading but this book made me run a river.

the ending was certainly not good , as that mouse the king of hybern paired up with tamlin, which made me want to slam my head on the wall. the moment when feyre asked to break the bond i swear i thought she is insane , gladly it wasnt the mating bond .as much as it hurt to see feyre go with tamlin and leave rhysand the peace i had was that yes they are still mates and tamlin is going down .



i was hell curious to know what will happen with feyre , so the starting chapters were slow , but the good slow , the planning feyre did , the king of hyberns tactics and feyre being all wondrous towards tamlin, it was really fun in the starting few chapters , as the book new turns , i basically started to like lucien fully again, and while my doubts were being cleared , i came across a fact , that feyre is The High Lady of the night court, this literally got me so excited , also the rageful romance and short talking between cassian and nesta grew which was so fun , the idea of lucien and elain caught me off guard , i still feel that elain is going to be with azriel , hopefully , it has some detailed chapters over the highlords which was soooo good , hellion came out to be one of my favs because of his calm and sarcastic attitude . like…. with every chapter feyre just grew stronger , there was a part where i literally sobbed . the moment ianthe killed the suriel, i was in tears , SJM surely has the power to rip out ones heart in seconds , as the war enraged upon the courts , it was fury for me everywhere , they are so many moments i love , like nesta protecting cassian , amren taking her real form , elain . the innocent sister killed the king ,  holy flowers .

the moment rhysand stopped breathing while patching up the cauldron , i just had this light of hope that he wouldnt die , because if he dies , the story ends , there is no replacing my baby bat .

over all the series is amazing .

A colouring I did for the love of inner circle . My ACOMAF fam . 🔥


ACOMAF: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

ACOWAR: 🌟🌟🌟🌟


as much as i love writing , i fear the way i rant over a topic lol. i cannot wait for ACOFAS . May , please arrive soon .


That is it for this blog , hope u guys enjoy it .





matilda   My first read, almost five years back, this was a school assigned book, i was never a reader until i read this , the story of this girl inspired me that how much knowledge does a book carry , and not only knowledge but it extends your imagination.

I did see the movie before the book, but i enjoyed the book way more then the movie honestly , after reading this i literally started craving for a new read , lol i have no clue if book craving is even a term or a thing, but yes this was my first book more like a headstart to start reading.

The story of matilda being inspiring was a fun read , it was a kaleidoscopic book for me , it had a touch of everything , love, imagination, self-esteem , confidence and books itself .

The parts i enjoyed the most were , when she pranked her dad and the unforgettable Ms.Trunchbull, matilda just being a small girl with parents who were rude and careless plus never had manners and were not  much educated to  teach her about the world,surroundings and every other little thing.

Matilda instead being on her own for years used the power of knowledge through books , tho her father was a man who worked in a business of selling second hand cars by lying and cheating , ignoring the fact that her parents were on the worst path , she chose the right one and lived happily with Ms.Honey .

i know i missed alot about the book but i read it 5 years back so all the flashbacks i have in my mind i made sure to share them .

hope you enjoyed this . ❤

(next read would be up soon) 🙂 ❤