matilda   My first read, almost five years back, this was a school assigned book, i was never a reader until i read this , the story of this girl inspired me that how much knowledge does a book carry , and not only knowledge but it extends your imagination.

I did see the movie before the book, but i enjoyed the book way more then the movie honestly , after reading this i literally started craving for a new read , lol i have no clue if book craving is even a term or a thing, but yes this was my first book more like a headstart to start reading.

The story of matilda being inspiring was a fun read , it was a kaleidoscopic book for me , it had a touch of everything , love, imagination, self-esteem , confidence and books itself .

The parts i enjoyed the most were , when she pranked her dad and the unforgettable Ms.Trunchbull, matilda just being a small girl with parents who were rude and careless plus never had manners and were not  much educated to  teach her about the world,surroundings and every other little thing.

Matilda instead being on her own for years used the power of knowledge through books , tho her father was a man who worked in a business of selling second hand cars by lying and cheating , ignoring the fact that her parents were on the worst path , she chose the right one and lived happily with Ms.Honey .

i know i missed alot about the book but i read it 5 years back so all the flashbacks i have in my mind i made sure to share them .

hope you enjoyed this . ❤

(next read would be up soon) 🙂 ❤